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Grow Your Margins Using Certified Products

With Ace Hardware, there is no shortage of quality products to service your customers. Ace provides access to thousands of  home improvement items including 12,000 Ace Private Label products that are certified to be as good, if not better, than leading global brands. Private label merchandise sales represented approximately 15% of the Company’s merchandise sales in 2013. Ace Hardware Corporation purchases its private label products from over 290 suppliers on an item-specific basis. We ensure consistent quality in our private label products through various means including factory site visits, third-party laboratory testing for some products, and specific criteria for imported products. Supplier changes will happen from time to time when product quality or pricing improvements are available. We are making investments in our brand through new packaging, quality testing, advertising and the overall Ace brand! Thorough retail market analysis is being completed for each private label category to deliver a smart mix of product.


These are some of the qualifications of the Ace Branded items:


Here’s how you’ll benefit from selling Ace Private Label products:

  • Ace branded items are priced lower than national brands
  • With more than 12,000 Ace Hardware branded products, your customers will begin to recognize the power of the Ace brand and value of Ace Hardware Services
  • Being an authorized seller of Ace Private Label items strengthens your store’s brand

Ace also provides countless services to exceed your customer’s expectations, like paint color matching, key cutting, window screen repair, special deliveries, and many more!


Ace Hardware Products Accessible and on Display

Store owners have easy access to these quality items through 3,000 US vendors, regional distribution centers and the Ace Global Distribution network. Ace Hardware Semi-Annual Conventions also serve as a private buying show for all international retailers, where there are more than 1,000 vendors with products on display. With all departments on display for retailer viewing, these events also act as an ideal retail training ground for store owners and employees.


Sharjah Paint Dept (Dubai, UAE)

Sharjah Paint Dept (Dubai, UAE)


Malaysia Seasonal Floor Display

Malaysia Seasonal Floor Display